Purfresh Ozone Container Trials Show Promise for Smoke-Affected Winegrapes

Trials conducted during the 2020 harvest with smoke-exposed winegrapes using controlled ozone (O3) treatments in shipping containers indicate such pre-crush treatments can mitigate and reduce levels of smoke-related volatile phenol (VP) compounds from grapes and produce resulting wines with more favorable sensory and quality characteristics.

Purfresh Wine of Hayward, California (formerly branded as Purfresh Clean) supplies shipping containers in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes outfitted with add-on systems that provide temperature control and controlled ozone dosing within the enclosed container. During the 2020 harvest Purfresh delivered and setup containers for cooperative trials to Napa County wineries Quintessa Vineyards, Hall Wines and Porter Family Vineyards; to Sonoma County wineries Benziger Vineyards and Towle Wine Company; and to Shea Wine Cellars in Oregon.

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