Wineries Deploy Purfresh Ozone to Clean Smoke Exposed Grapes

Purfresh Clean patented ozone technology deployed in Wineries to Clean Smoke Exposed Grapes.

Will treatment before crush lower Guaiacol and 4-methylguaiacol levels?

Ozone, long used in the wine industry as a sanitizing agent for the crush-pad, is also sometimes used to clean barrels, but few people are aware that ozone has also been used to treat grapes for making wines with less added SO2; or that ozone has been used to alleviate bacteria in vineyards that can lead to stuck fermentations. Winemakers who’ve dabbled with it say ozone treatments bring out fruit forward characteristics in finished wines. Now they’re experimenting to see if ozone treatments can be effective in cleaning smoke exposed grapes before they're vinified.

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