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A Mission to Improve Wine & Save Wine Harvests from Smoke Taint

Increasing global wildfires is a consequence of climate change that impacts the viability for wine grapes to be processed. Purfresh Wine's mission is to provide O3 technology that comes to the rescue of vineyards and minimizes the impacts of a volatile world. Our technology also sustainably enhances healthy grapes.

One of the greatest dangers vineyards face is the risk of "smoke taint" - making wine that has a burnt, ashy or medicinal taste. There is over $420M of damaged smoke tainted grapes globally each year. Vitners are identifying O3 has a key component in disaster recovery.

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Challenge and Opportunity Problems Purfresh Wine Solution
Smoke Taint Removal
  • Burnt, ashy or medicinal grape taste
  • Financial penalties and reputational risk
  • Saves the crop
  • Lowers guaiacol & methyguaiacol
  • Higher quercetin glycosides & tannis
  • Higher polymeric anthocyanin, more stable color
  • Advance physiological maturity
Enhanced Wine Quality of Healthy Grapes
  • Stuck fermentations
  • Field applied sulfur
  • Wine Quality
  • Avoid stuck fermentations
  • Increased content of anthocyanins, tannis, and stilbenes; enhanced taste, color, ripening and stability
  • Improved color & fruit forward palate notes
  • Seven Purfresh Wine system deployed across Napa, Sonoma, and Williamette Valley OR in 2020
  • Media coverage in
  • Significant partnerships