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Purfresh Ozone Container Trials Show Promise for Smoke-Affected Winegrapes

Purfresh Wine’s O3 technology improves winemaking and wine quality, and saves harvests.​ Our patented-technology enhances fermentation to impact quality, taste, color, ripening and stability. It also removes smoke taint from fires. Smoke taint from brushfires creates wine that has a burnt, ashy or medicinal taste​. Damaged grapes growing at 9% per year growth rate​.

  • Saves the grapes from smoke taint caused by wildfires
  • Remove field applied sulfur dioxide prior to crush
  • Increases content of anthocyanins, tannins, and stilbenes; enhancing quality, taste, color, ripening and stability
  • Improved color while enhancing fruit forward palate notes
  • Avoid stuck fermentations
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Customers Across Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, and Willamette Valley in 2020

Different finished wines will obviously have many different characteristics. Those that tend toward dry or more angular tannins appear to benefit from pre-crush ozone treatment shifting toward softer and more fruit forward characteristics. While dependent on stylistic goals, this can nudge the wines toward a more appealing and approachable style.

Ken Bernards – Winemaker, Porter Family Vineyards, Napa CA

Winemaker Feedback

  • Lower guaiacol = good, denotes reduced smoke taint
  • Lower 4-methylguaiacol = good, denotes reduced smoke taint
  • Lower catechin = good, denotes riper seeds
  • Higher quercetin glycosides = good
  • Higher tannins = good
  • Higher polymeric anthocyanins = good, denotes higher/more stable color
  • Total anthocyanins = higher is better, deeper color
  • Lower catechin/tannin ration = good, advanced physiological maturity
  • Higher polymeric anthocyanin/tannin ration = good

Source: Ken Bernards, Napa Valley Winemaker and Chemist.

Self-powered, temperature-controlled container
Decontamination of grapes via 24-hour treatment.
On-demand O3 generation with high air flow.
  • 38' length x 7'6" width x 7'11" height
  • 9,744lbs (tare)
  • 2256 cubic feet
Monitor, Control, Document via Purfresh Wine’s cloud-based IOT software
  • Manage O3, CO2, temp., and RH in real-time
  • On-demand corrective and proactive remote control
  • Monitor location and security of each device

The Chemistry

How ozone works?

At specific concentrations ozone can delicately permeate the skin of the grape or of other fruit, react with and reduce volatile compounds caused by smoke.